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EMKS Proudly Presents: Employees Making Key Successes!

In our latest edition of Employees Making Key Successes, we would like to showcase Justy Holt!!

Justy Holt started at EMKS in September of 2019 and works on our Department of Homeland Security National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) Website contract as a Drupal Developer.

There are many different types of successes that a person can have or strive for. Some of these are work-related, such as learning new skills, gaining certifications, and receiving promotions or awards. Other equally important successes come from challenges that we give ourselves simply because we want to be better at something, or we want to learn or grow in certain areas for no other reason than because we enjoy it.

Justy is one of our employees who has made some of these amazing achievements. When he is not at work, Justy is continually doing things to improve his life, family life, and the lives of those in his community. When his kid started doing martial arts and fell in love with it, the whole family decided to partake in the experience, and now they all have black belts. That is awesome, Justy!!

In his free-time, Justy is also a yoga instructor through “Stress Burn Yoga.” He teaches at a local community center and holds special events such as yoga for men. Seeing a male instructor allows other men to be more comfortable with the exercises, and excitingly, the number of people joining the classes is continuing to grow! Because of Justy’s adventurous nature and his many different life experiences, including playing hockey when he was younger, he can better assist in correcting issues in the body for those who attend his classes, having struggles with them himself. Any veterans who want to participate in these yoga programs are free of charge.

With the start of the COVID pandemic, the community center expressed interest in continuing the Yoga classes virtually, and once again, Justy was there to help. It has not been easy figuring out how to get everyone in the virtual classes, and many challenges had to be worked through (such as teaching people how to log in), but the experience has created an “Off the Matt” style of yoga. People who attend are learning that you do not need a “sacred space” or the machines that some yoga facilities provide to practice. Yoga can be done anywhere, including in your work chair, in your living room, or any place that you want.

Justy, thank you for being not only an outstanding employee but also for the involvement that you contribute to your family and the community! You are truly showcasing the cultural values that EMKS strives to live by, both inside and outside of work!

Keep up the great work, Justy!!

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