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EMKS is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer committed to hiring and retaining qualified and talented individuals, including protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Our strategy and philosophy are to inspire, energize and empower employees.


We use E-Verify to validate employees ability to work legally in the United States.


We demonstrate a commitment to each member of our team by offering a competitive benefits package created to enhance the daily lives of employees and their families. Our employees have access to a comprehensive benefits package including a 401K savings plan, medical, dental and vision insurance, paid holidays, and personal leave.

Health, Vision, and Dental Plans

We offer employees health, dental, and vision insurance plans as well as coverage for short and long term disability.

Health Care

The EMKS Health Care Plan is provided through All Savers. Health care coverage is provided on an employer/employee contribution basis. EMKS offers two Health plans to choose from. EMKS will pay 70% of the employee’s premiums for the All Savers PPO Plan or 100% of the employee’s premiums for the All Savers Health Savings Account Plan. An employee opting not to use the company health plan must sign a medical waiver through our Benefits Connect site and must show evidence of medical coverage.

Dental Insurance

EMKS Dental Care Plan is a comprehensive coverage through Guardian. EMKS will pay 75% of the employee’s premiums. An employee opting not to use the company dental plan must sign a dental waiver form and must show evidence of dental coverage.

Vision Plan

EMKS Vision Plan is a comprehensive coverage through Guardian. EMKS will pay 75% of the employee’s premiums. An employee opting not to use the company vision plan must sign a vision waiver form and must show evidence of vision coverage.

Other Insurance

Other Insurance

We offer employees coverage for short and long-term disability and basic term life insurance.

Short Term Disability

The company provides coverage for short-term disability. 

Long Term Disability

This coverage is provided by the company and is available after the short-term disability coverage requirement ends. ​

Basic Term Life Insurance

This coverage is a policy of up to $50,000.00 and is provided by the company for all full-time employees and includes an accidental death and dismemberment clause.

Personal Time Off (PTO)


A full-time exempt employee will earn on an accrual basis consolidated Vacation Time based upon their date of hire and length of continuous service in accordance with the following schedule:


Date of hire to 3 years              10 Days                ​

Over 3 years to 8 years            15 days ​

More than 8 years                     20 days ​

Employees are encouraged to take the annual Vacation earned during the year. However, should there be an unused Vacation at the end of the year; the hours can be carried over the next calendar year. The maximum Vacation that employees can carry over to the following calendar year is one (1) times their annual accrual rate. When an employee terminates employment with EMKS, unused Vacation will be paid.

Personal Time Off (PTO)

EMKS recognizes that employees will need days off from work from time to time to address their medical needs or the medical needs of their families. Because of this, all full-time employees (both hourly and salary) will receive 40 hours PTO on January 15th of each year to be used for illnesses, doctors’ appointments, or other personal needs. Newly hired employees will receive this benefit 90 days after their hire date at a prorated number of hours for the year. Please note that these hours do not roll over to the next calendar year and are not paid out if an employee terminates.


Paid Holidays: EMKS observes ten (10) paid federal holidays per calendar year. 

Paid Time Off

401K Program

EMKS offers a Safe Harbor 401(k) program, matching a contribution equal to 100% of your salary deferrals that do not exceed 3% of your compensation plus 50% of your salary deferrals between 3% and 5% of your compensation. This safe harbor matching contribution is 100% vested.

401K Program

Professional & Tuition Reimbursement

Professional Development Assistance and/or Tuition Reimbursement

EMKS provides for tuition/training costs reimbursement after six months or more of continuous full-time employment when a course is taken from an accredited institution of learning which is related to their job or enhancement to their value to the company. Pre-approval is required. EMKS, Inc. provides reimbursement up to a maximum amount of $3,000 a year.

Professional & Tuition Reimbursement


Employee Referral Bonus

EMKS provides an employee referral bonus to the referring employee after the referred employee has successfully completed 90-days employment with EMKS. The amount is dependent on the level and criticality of the position being filled.

Employee Incentive Bonus

EMKS provides an incentive to employees who successfully bring business to the company. Incentives are determined on a case-by-case basis and are paid after 90 days of successful performance of the developed business.


Based on performance and EMKS success, other bonuses or profit sharing may be awarded by EMKS corporate executives. 

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