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Project Management

Our experienced  project management office (PMO) and professional project management services are a direct contributor to your business’ ROI. Your business will benefit from our quality Project Management and Process Improvement capabilities, which are available for viewing here (including our commercial rates). With the EM Key Solutions (EMKS) Project Management-as-a-Service (PMaaS) model in place, your business benefits from quality project management that provides:

  • Complete lifecycle project support from a project management team that executes entire projects or specific phases.

  • Performance-driven partnerships focused on building positive relationships with your customers and mentoring your PMs; all measured using best practices.

  • An in-depth evaluation of the business's current state and the creation of a Value Stream Map (from concept to value delivery) to determine each project’s:

    • Strategic Business Alignment

    • Prioritization

    • Scope

    • Budget, Cost, and Trade-Offs

    • Planning

    • Risk

  • Customized mapping to industry standards, the adoption of project management methodologies, templates, and tools, and providing project execution assistance.

  • A PM team that serves as a behind-the-scenes force multiplier that quickly responds to and supports PMs as they execute each phase of project management and all activities within project initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing; coaching on individual projects and assistance in addressing challenging projects.

  • Development, maintenance, and storage of project templates and/or project documentation.

  • A readily adaptable, comprehensive artifact library of templates, processes, and workbooks.

More Than a PMO

The textbook PMO definition conceals the majority of a PMO’s benefit by describing it as “a group or department that defines, maintains and ensures project management standards across an organization".

Businesses categorize many activities as projects and easily recognize the need for some degree of project management. However, failure to link projects and project supporting activities to strategic business goals undermines the success of the organization as a whole. A PMO may simply provide basic beneficial services, functions, tasks and standardization. Our EM Key Solutions service delivers many additional benefits beyond those basic PMO functions, including:

  • Efficiently and effectively delivering value to the customer

  • Detailed analysis of project parameters, including performance, cost, risks, and opportunities.

  • Applying project governance based on industry methodologies, standards, and best-in-class processes

  • Managing project resources across the enterprise (acquisition, allocation, career development, and education)

  • Empowering project managers to make project-level decisions

  • Driving core competencies through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs)

  • Managing risk and issues

  • Customizing process mapping based on specific project needs

  • Monitoring and reporting on the health of the business through aggregate project budget and performance


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