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Veterans Health Administration



Integrated Healthcare Transformation (IHT) Contract
Part of the HRS Veteran Integrated Team (VIT)

EMKS is a subcontractor to HRS Consulting, Inc. (HRS)—one of six Primes on the IHT vehicle—to provide best value healthcare and professional consulting services to the VHA. Through the IHT vehicle, EMKS will assist with the completion of an organizational change that enhances VHA’s capabilities to provide seamless, high quality, integrated, and coordinated healthcare. The VHA will release task orders addressing the changing needs of the Veteran population and the healthcare industry, which will require diverse healthcare operations knowledge and experience. This contract supports the programmatic and transformation needs of VHA, including the Office of Healthcare Transformation and its customers, to best accomplish VHA’s mission, strategic goals, healthcare priorities, and initiatives.

Functional Categories: The IHT vehicle includes the following three comprehensive categories and subcategories:

  • FC I - Health System Transformation & Innovation

    • Program & Project Management

    • Business Requirements Development

    • Strategic Planning

    • Program Evaluation

    • Business Process Reengineering, Improvement & Management

    • Change Management & Transition

    • Quality Management

    • Strategic Communications & Executive Support

  • FC II - Implementation & Operations

    • Studies & Analyses

    • Data Governance

    • Performance Measurement

    • Training Development

    • Training Delivery

    • Policy Research & Development

    • Policy Management

    • Advertising Services

    • Media Buying

    • Public Relations Services/Outreach

    • Conference, Events & Planning Services

    • Healthcare Related Promotional Materials

    • Video/Film Production

    • Graphic Design

  • FC III - Healthcare Business Enabling

    • Medical Supply Chain & Healthcare Logistics Analysis

    • Supply Chain Management

    • Supply Chain Planning

    • Inventory Management & Operation

    • Supply Chain Optimization

    • Financial Management Modernization

    • Internal Financial Controls

    • Management & Operations

    • R&D Administration 

    • Human Resources Support

    • Procurement Support to Program & Project Management

    • Information, Privacy & Records Management

    • Revenue Operations

    • Value Based Healthcare Planning    

For IHT inquiries, contact

EMKS Point of Contact:

Matt Terl

VP of Business Development

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