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Health Solutions

EMKS helps your agency to improve performance and expand their capabilities, ultimately fostering growth and efficiency through successful management.

Health IT Services

EMKS has deep knowledge in developing systems and business processes for the largest healthcare systems in the world—the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Defense Health Agency (DHA). We have expertise in implementing the following value-added, cost-effective health solutions:

  • Clinical Systems

  • Blood Management

  • Electronic Health Records

  • Coding/Billing Systems

  • Credentialing and Privileging

  • Medical Manpower and Human Resource Management

  • Population Health

  • Enterprise Data Management and Data Repositories

  • Health Services Consulting and Health Assessment Services.

Medical Coding and Auditing Services

EMKS provides certified Coders and Auditors whose high-quality deliverables consistently exceed customer expectations and lead to fewer denials and faster billing for facilities. Our Coders and Auditors are experienced in working with the Federal Government and are cross-trained to promote work share and mitigate work-load fluctuations, keeping us on schedule and on a budget without impacting quality. We also have hands-on knowledge, from both the VA and DHA perspectives, about the upcoming Electronic Health Record Modernization (EHRM) implementation. Because we understand how EHRM will change medical coding, we can provide facilities a smooth transition into the future. 

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