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Health Solutions

EMKS supports critical mission requirements across the spectrum of care with Health IT support, medical services, and subject matter expertise.

Health IT Support

EMKS has deep knowledge in developing systems and business processes for the largest healthcare systems in the world—the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Defense Health Agency (DHA). We have experience utilizing as well as providing cost-effective, value-added maintenance and modernization support for the following solutions:

  • Clinical Systems

  • Coding/Billing Systems

  • Credentialing and Privileging

  • Electronic Health Records

  • Enterprise Data Management and Data Repositories

  • Health Assessment and Consulting Services

  • Medical Manpower and Human Resource Management

Medical Services

Medical Coding, Auditing, and Billing Support

EMKS provides healthcare consulting expertise, bolstered by trusted teammates and the EMKS personnel experience, for services ranging from third-party billing, medical coding, auditing, revenue cycle management, Medical Claims Processing support, trending analysis, and compliance.  EMKS provides certified Coders and Auditors whose high-quality deliverables consistently exceed customer expectations and lead to fewer denials and faster billing for facilities.


Our cross-trained Coders and Auditors have experience working with the Federal Government and mitigating work-load fluctuations to produce quality deliverables on time and on budget. Furthermore, we have hands-on knowledge of supporting the VA and the Department of Defense’s electronic health record (EHR) modernization (EHRM). Our understanding of both the new EHR as well as the current system will help facilities smoothly navigate that transition with minimal downtime, rework, and cost.

Subject Matter Expertise

Medical Coding, Auditing, and Billing Support

EMKS's support for VA’s Electronic Health Record Modernization (EHRM) implementation comprises  senior program managers; functional/clinical, performance and system integration test engineers, and subject matter experts (SMEs) for requirement risk-based analysis, interfaces, virtualization, data migration, Health Information Exchange (HIE), and interoperability.

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