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President & CEO, Mike Snyder, is a recipient of the FedHealthIT100 Award for the second year

EMKS is incredibly proud to announce that our President & CEO, Mike Snyder, has been chosen as a recipient of the FedHealthIT100 Award for the second year running!

This prestigious award honors those individuals recognized for driving change & advancement in the Federal Health Information Technology & Consulting Market. Nominated & chosen by their peers, some common themes among those who were selected include the desire & willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, to go above & beyond, to drive innovation, & to give back to the larger Federal Health IT & Consulting community.

Mike has created a unique company focused on the Veteran while challenging ideas that economic outcomes are the sole indicator of success. Instead, he considers cultural values & a triple-bottom-line approach encompassing social & environmental implications, kindness, & employee wellbeing to be a truer measure. Mike has implemented new approaches to employee relations, ultimately establishing a positive virtual culture through online engagements free to all & a continual focus on the positive employee experience. Through his efforts, he has created an environment where his employees feel valued, knowing that their contributions are essential to the mission.

We cannot be more excited for our CEO, Mike, who, without a doubt, deserves this recognition.

See the list of award winners here:

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