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Employees Making Key Successes

In the latest edition of Employees Making Key Successes, we would like to show-case Dawn Hoff!!

Dawn joined EMKS in June of 2018 as our Lead Technical Writer. She supports the Enterprise Testing Service Support Service Contract (ETSSS) in St. Petersburg, Florida. Since working for us, Dawn has been an asset to the ETSSS team and our clients.

Although Dawn has just joined the Business Development Team, she is making many positive changes and adding value to all efforts. Dawn has been praised for jumping right in and helping to build infrastructure, improving past performance repository, and assisting in the development of the Style Guide and Proposal Standard Operating Procedure. It has also been noted that her writing abilities improved EMKS’ responses to RFIs and RFPs, both in quality of the responses and in our ability to act quickly to multiple requests.

In acknowledgment of her continued outstanding performance and her ability to effortlessly transition into her new role, Dawn has received a “Living Our Shared Values” Award. Dawn, we are proud of the way you represent the EMKS family.

Thank you for being a continual inspiration and always striving for excellence! Keep up the great work!

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