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EMKS Proudly Presents: Employees Making Key Successes!

In our latest edition of Employees Making Key Successes, we would like to showcase Christina Worthington!!

Christina recently started at EMKS in April of 2020 and works on the Enterprise Testing Service Support Service (ETSSS) Contract as our Lead Technical Writer.

Even though she just started, we are already hearing great things from Christina’s Tech Writing teammates, commending her for her work to date. We have also received kudos from the client recognizing her for her performance as a Tech Writer. Excellent job, Christina, for jumping right into your new role and showcasing the hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, that we value in all of our EMKS employees!!!

In acknowledgment of Christina’s fantastic work ethic, the kudos that she has received from the client, and her amazing start in her new role, Christina has received an EMKS “Letter of Recognition.” Great Job, Christina!

Christina, we are so happy to have you as a part of our team and family! Thank you for being an outstanding employee and for applying yourself in your new role! You are truly showcasing the cultural values that EMKS strives to lives by!

Keep up the great work, Christina!!

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