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EMKS Proudly Presents: Employees Making Key Successes!

In our latest edition of Employees Making Key Successes, we would like to show-case Terrie Daluga!!

Terrie Daluga started at EMKS in September of 2019 and works on our ITOSIS Contract. When she began, she was hired as a Customer Service Technician and because of the impressive work that she has exhibited since she started, she recently has been promoted to a Tier II Customer Service Specialist!!! Way to Go, Terrie!!

Terrie has been recognized repeatedly for going above and beyond expectations while performing an outstanding job as a member of the ITD triage team. Terrie is their first line of support for the triage desk and she is considered by all to be a highly dedicated individual. It was noted by our client that without her day to day operations and her ability to be flexible in taking on additional tasks she has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the client and their mission.

In acknowledgement of Terrie’s great work ethic, the kudos that she has been receiving from the client, and the recent promotion that she got, Terrie has also been awarded an EMKS “Living Our Shared Values” Award. Great Job, Terrie!

Terrie, thank you for being an inspirational employee and for excelling in every task that you do! You are truly showcasing the cultural values that EMKS strives to lives by!

Keep up the great work, Terrie!! Excellent Job!!

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