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EMKS Proudly Presents: Employees Making Key Successes!

In our latest edition of Employees Making Key Successes, we would like to show-case Johanna Perez-Shovlin!!

Johanna started with EMKS in February of 2018 as a Senior Test Specialist supporting the Enterprise Testing Service Support Service Contract (ETSSS) in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is a true asset to the ETSSS team, our client, and EMKS. Due to Johanna’s outstanding leadership and support to the client’s mission, she has recently been promoted to Functional Test Lead. We truly appreciate her work ethic, significant contributions, and dedication as a superior representative of EM Key Solutions! Excellent Job, Johanna!

Johanna wholeheartedly involves herself in every aspect of her role by taking on additional responsibilities, always being the first to volunteer to do any task, and is critical in the support of her team. Her commitment and dedication have been recognized by many. She exhibits resilience, leadership, and mentoring in a diverse evolving testing environment. Through her instruction, she has molded a team of testing experts by providing the necessary feedback to them through reviewing, guidance, and the ability to help teammates understand clinical workflows and how to best execute test events. She has progressed rapidly in her field, becoming the subject matter expert. Johanna has this inherent skill to keenly find testing inconsistencies along with ways to improve both the process and the product. In acknowledgment of everything that she does, Johanna has received a “Now That” Award.

Johanna, we are so proud of the way you represent the EMKS family!!! Thank you for being a continual inspiration and for constantly striving for excellence! Keep up the great work!

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