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EMKS Proudly Presents: Employees Making Key Successes!

Updated: May 18, 2020

In our latest addition of Employees Making Key Successes, we would like to show-case Valerie Whitley!!

Valerie Whitley started at EMKS in November of 2019 and works on our FBCH SharePoint Collaboration and Systems Training Contract as an Information Systems Training Specialist. Her primary role in this is providing SharePoint and MS Office 2016 training.

Due to her outstanding performance, the client recently commented on her repeatedly going above and beyond expectations as well as being a valued member of the team. Valerie was acknowledged for excelling in her position, noting that all of the feedback from the IMIT leadership has been above reproach.

Furthermore, the training videos that she created have been at an increased demand due to COVID and all of the student surveys have been at 100% since she started. Finally, Valerie has taken it upon herself to undertake roles that are outside of her position such as volunteering to conduct QC of the current SharePoint 2010 environment as well as being instrumental in providing Site/Pages cleanup that was needed.

In acknowledgement of Valerie’s fantastic work ethic, the kudos that she has received from the client, and her willingness to go above and beyond what is expected of her in her role, Valerie has also been awarded an EMKS “Living Our Shared Values” Award. Great Job, Valerie!!!

Valerie, thank you for being an outstanding employee and for excelling in every task that you do! You are truly showcasing the cultural values that EMKS strives to lives by!

Keep up the great work, Valerie!!!

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