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President & CEO, Mike Snyder, is a recipient of the FedHealthIT100 Award!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

This prestigious award honors individuals who, as nominated & chosen by their peers, make an impact, go above & beyond, drive change & advancement, challenge conventional wisdom, & give back to the community.

Mike's work ethic & ideals are contagious. He is committed to supporting Veterans' health with precision delivery of services. He devotes time, energy, & resources to supporting Veterans & has created Veteran-hiring & charitable initiatives within the company. Mike views his employees holistically as people, not as a commodity. He thinks creatively & focuses on the betterment of all, establishing employee engagement & diversity programs while also keeping his focus on our clients. Mike has created an environment where his employees feel valued, knowing that their contributions are essential to the mission.

We cannot be more excited for Mike, who, without a doubt, deserves this recognition.

See the list of award winners here:

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