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Executive Vice President, Erin Snyder 2020 winner Leading for Impact: Women in Leadership Award

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Erin's resilience is contagious, and she successfully delivers excellence in every engagement.  She has a great love for philanthropic activity from veterans' services groups to animal services.  She is the ultimate dedicated leader who wears multiple hats, gets things done, and puts her colleagues' betterment first.  

Erin always recognizes that creativity comes before capital and is continuously working to find the next successful employee engagement and diversity program.  With the right mix of positive energy, the ability to tap into others' strengths, and thinking outside the box, Erin has created a company where employees feel valued and essential to the mission.  She recognizes that people are driven by more than monetary rewards,  giving credit where credit is due, and leverages internal programs to reward team contributions and support their career growth. 

In acknowledgment of the contributions Erin has made and her unwavering commitment to putting employees first, we are incredibly proud to announce that Erin is one of the 2020 winners of the Leading for Impact: Women in Leadership Award! 

These awards recognize and celebrate women guiding, mentoring, and driving the industry through their impactful leadership; driving technology and business transformation and modernization; and driving efforts to initiate the next positive disruption that will genuinely change how Federal agencies support their mission 

Keep up the excellent work, Erin! We cannot be more excited about you receiving this recognition and truly appreciate how much you care about your employees. 

See the video of award winners here (including our own Executive Vice President, Erin Snyder!):

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