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EMKS Business Development Executives Attain Shipley Certifications

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Certification programs are a way to enhance credibility, self-image, and encourage life-long learning and professional development. Our employees at EM Key Solutions have been working to expand their knowledge and credentials, with two of our Business Development Executives completing the Shipley Certification.

So what is the Shipley Certification? This certification program is based on Shipley’s knowledge of best practices of business development in the industry. Shipley certification is a credential you can use to make your resume stand out and excel in your career.

The Shipley Certification is ideal for business development professionals looking to validate their learning and course completion. Besides personal and business skill advancement, this credential is beneficial to the employee and meaningful to employers and potential employers in establishing knowledge and understanding of best practices within the business development profession. More and more businesses are requesting Shipley training/certification for applicants.

Business Development Executive Jerry Partney said, "From day 1 EM Key Solutions has provided outstanding support during my onboarding process. On my first day with EMKS, I was on a plane heading to a week-long Shipley Business Development training course in Virginia. I spent the week learning the Shipley method and most importantly learning to apply the method as it relates to EMKS. All companies are not the same and each company must tailor the methodology to fit specific goals and objectives. The course provided me an enormous amount of information and resources to understand the intricacies of our business and begin to apply them literally from Day 1.

EMKS values our employees and believes in the lifelong learning concept to continue to grow personally and professionally. A month after I attended my first Shipley training course, I was on another plane headed to a second week-long training course. I was able to attend a managing and writing federal proposals workshop and what an eye-opener that was. The training allowed me to think outside of the box and understand what some of the others on my team were doing in the “war room”.

Business Development Executive Ben Thompson said, "Shipley’s Executive Summary course helped me understand the nature of customer focus and the application within proposals. It’s helped me focus on our customer’s most important issues, allowing for an effective process for planning the quick, effective creation of executive summaries

EMKS takes great pride in our most valuable asset, OUR PEOPLE. We believe in continuous development and growth for our employees. To retain qualified information management and technology professionals, our team maintains a work-life support structure with a competitive edge. We believe that retention is closely tied to several factors such as career progression, compensation, work-life benefits, work environment, job stability, effective communication, and recognition. Our team’s labor pool consists of a balanced cross-section of technical and functional personnel who have the education, experience, and tools to perform a wide range of information system activities.

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