Web & Application Development

EMKS invests the time to understand your needs, which allows us to develop user-centered designs and solutions utilizing an agile DevOps methodology that fixes problems, mitigates risks, and increases user satisfaction.

SharePoint Support

We envision our work from your perspective to design, build, and integrate long-term solutions that provide consistent lifecycle value and accelerate your ability to meet existing and emerging needs.

  • Create engaging content and wireframes, collaborate on requirements gathering, employ metatags for indexing, design user guides and specification documents, and utilize low code/no-code options to reduce space and increase speed.

  • Design and develop knowledge management and training repositories, establish content management review and evaluation processes, implement dashboard and reporting capabilities, and perform SharePoint solution development, configuration, customization, migration, and sustainment activities.

  • Modernize and transform business process flows into automated, collaborative workflows and SharePoint-based intranet sites to simplify inter-department communications, reduce errors, and eliminate unnecessary work to save you time and money.


EMKS’s Enterprise Testing Services enable our clients to get their enterprise application projects up and running rapidly and efficiently. We employ manual and automated test scripts, test data sets, tools, and templates designed to work in your environment, providing support services in the areas of:

  • Risk and Criticality Testing and Evaluation Support

  • Requirements Validation Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • System Integration/Interoperability Testing

  • Test Observation and Validation

  • Work Product Review

  • Patient Safety Issue Testing

  • Operational Readiness Review/Reporting

  • Testing Systems Engineering & Implementation

  • Capacity Planning Analysis

Agile-Driven DevSecOps and Enterprise Testing Services

Database Management and Data Modeling

EMKS knows how to make your data work for you. We make sure your data is accurate, accessible, and usable by effectively using tools such as MySQL to create, design, operate, and manage databases as well as to write efficient queries. We also build logical and physical data models that support complex data migrations by using a risk-based approach to identify domain data elements and to acquire the transformation rules needed for driving data management and data migration strategies and validation.