Happy Workiversary, Cynthia Boyatt!

Updated: Mar 18

Today is our Chief Financial Officer, Cynthia Boyatt's 1st Work Anniversary!

Cynthia heads up both EMKS's Finance and Contracts Departments. The Finance Department encompasses all aspects of accounting, while the Contracts Department manages agreements, contracts, and other project-related documents.

Since starting, Cynthia has revolutionized and revamped the Finance Department from the ground up, beginning with the complete reorganization and restructuring of Unanet. She has worked diligently to ensure our employees have the best resources, updating our payroll provider, 401K broker, and negotiating better health insurance benefits. We are excited to also announce that Cynthia got promoted within the past week to EMKS' Chief Financial Officer. Congratulations!

When asked for a quote, Cynthia stated, "If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you."

Happy Anniversary, Cynthia! We look forward to having you with us for many years to come.

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