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Our People

EMKS takes great pride in our most valuable asset, OUR PEOPLE. To retain qualified information management and technology professionals, our team maintains a work-life support structure with a competitive edge. We believe that retention is closely tied to several factors such as career progression, compensation, work-life benefits, work environment, job stability, effective communication, and recognition.  Our team’s labor pool consists of a balanced cross-section of technical and functional personnel who have the education, experience, and tools to perform a wide range of information system activities. 


Our team’s most valuable asset is our experienced and dedicated workforce and to retain these skilled individuals, we provide a combination of competitive wages, progressive work-life benefits, interesting and rewarding work opportunities, and a culture that is flexible and responsive to our employees’ needs.  We also develop and continuously improve our workforce capabilities by providing training opportunities and educational assistance.  Our corporate retention rates are consistently above the industry average, proving our methods are successful.

At EMKS our most valuable asset is our people.