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Project Management & Performance Engineering

EMKS drives business process improvements and transformation by providing the right people with the right expertise to support all phases of the strategic and tactical management lifecycle.

Program and Project Management

Support our client’s major initiatives and directives through our full range of program and project management services that include:

  • Budget Planning Management

  • DevSecOps Management

  • Earned Value Management

  • Environment Management

  • Metrics and Reporting Management

  • Quality Management

  • Risk Management

  • Scheduling Management

  • Testing Management

  • Workforce Management

Agile-driven Business Process Management and Full Systems Development Lifecycle Support

Drive business process improvement and transformation using our core Business Process Management (BPM) practice, which is founded on industry-leading Agile and DevOps methodologies that maximize the life cycle benefits of our client's products and services. Our Project Management Office (PMO) and Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) enables us to deliver high-quality products and services. Likewise, our highly mature foundation of processes, procedures, support, training, and coaching allows us to:

  • Ensure our #1 focus is always centered upon the explicit needs of our customers.

  • Design, develop, test, integrate, deploy, and monitor innovative IT and business solutions that solve existing problems and emerging needs.

  • Expertly plan and execute the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with a full-time staff of SAFe Version 5 Program Consultants (SPCs).

  • Infuse BPM practices with industry-standard Agile methodologies to ensure adaptive solutions maximize their life cycle potential to increase value and maintainability.

  • Dynamically infuse DevOps practices to synchronize rapid product development with operational needs.

  • Improve customer and stakeholder engagement which greatly enhances product functionality and usability.

  • Dramatically improve our customer’s speed-to-market with product deployment and on-demand release capabilities.

  • Reduce risks and costs while improving responsiveness, functionality, and quality with a continuous improvement model, mindset, and culture.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Our Data Analytics and Reporting capabilities provide you with the information and data necessary to review project statuses in depth, proactively mitigate potential risks and issues, track defects, and develop forecasts as well as monitor schedules, budgets, quality, deliverables, and resource allocation. This capability encompasses:

  • Change and Configuration Management

  • Risk Management

  • Patching and Environment Management

  • Acquisitions, Provisioning, and Resource Allocation

  • Test and Defect Tracking

  • Data Warehouse Development

  • Performance Monitoring Management

  • Forecasting and Planning

  • Program Management Reviews and Reporting

Commercial Management Consulting Rates

EMKS has established the following hourly rates for our commercial management and financial consulting work.

Administrative Assistant          $ 32.00

Administrative Assistant (Senior) $ 39.88

Administrative Clerk              $ 20.10

Billing Analyst                   $ 32.00

Billing Specialist                $ 48.20

Business Analyst                  $ 68.22

Business Analyst (Senior)         $ 98.25

Consultant I                      $ 142.75

Consultant III                    $ 180.00

Consultant III                    $ 165.30

Consultant IV                     $ 224.44

Consultant V                      $ 350.00

Consultant VI                     $ 287.25

Data Analyst                      $ 85.00

Financial Analyst (Junior)        $ 65.60

Financial Analyst (Mid)           $ 79.99

Financial Analyst (Senior)        $ 91.20

Management Analyst (Junior)       $ 72.80

Management Analyst (Mid)          $ 88.20

Management Analyst (Senior)       $ 102.45

Principal Business Analyst        $ 135.20

Program Analyst (Junior)          $ 65.22

Program Analyst (Mid)             $ 75.00

Program Analyst (Senior)          $ 92.35

Program Manager                   $ 165.25

Program Manager (Senior)          $ 210.00

Project Control Planner (Senior)  $ 71.25

Project Control Specialist        $ 80.20

Project Control Specialist II     $ 88.20

Project Control Specialist III    $ 98.28

Project Manager                   $ 110.00

Project Manager (Senior)          $ 133.33

Project Scheduler                 $ 86.30

Quality Assurance Specialist      $ 84.80

Quality Control Analyst           $ 68.99

Quality Manager (Senior)          $ 142.20

Subject Matter Expert I           $ 140.00

Subject Matter Expert II          $ 160.00

Subject Matter Expert III         $ 188.00

Subject Matter Expert IV          $ 245.70

Subject Matter Expert V           $ 350.88

Task Manager                      $ 98.22

Technical Editor                  $ 92.45

Technical Writer                  $ 65.22

Technical Writer/Editor           $ 72.25

Training Manager                  $ 120.88

Training Specialist               $ 75.30

Training Specialist (Senior)      $ 91.20

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