Michael Mauro

Chief Technology Officer

With over 40 years of proven engineering and enterprise architecture expertise, Michael serves as the Chief Technology Officer for EM Key Solutions. As Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for budgeting, acquiring and managing information technology resources and delivering improved business outcomes from EMKS’s technology management team. He is the principal advisor on information technology (IT) to the CEO. This includes establishing long term strategic goals and defining policies and procedures relating to EMKS’s IT infrastructure as well as maintaining strategic partner relationships. Michael is also responsible for establishing and leveraging technical core competencies that are critical to EMKS's business development efforts.


Michael is proven in many roles including: executive management, program strategy, enterprise architecture, systems engineering, test engineering, system analysis, program and technical management as well as test and evaluation management. Michael began his engineering career in 1974 as a Navy Civilian, where he successfully promoted changes in the acquisition system to account for system engineering to provide testable system designs within DoD Systems.  Other career stops have included time as the Chief Systems Engineer for both the Military Health System (MHS) Chief Information Officer and the Joint Medical Information Systems Program Executive Officer. Over his career, Michael has applied consulting, enterprise architecture, systems design, software engineering, systems integration, project and program management expertise across multiple organizations. His current focus is refining all aspects of EMKS’s customer service platform to optimize service delivery to all customers both internal and external.

Since 1994, Michael has focused his services at supporting initiatives within the area of Healthcare automation.  His principal customers over that time frame were the Defense Health Agency and the Department of Veteran Affairs. This includes leading technical efforts to plan, design and implement major COTS products such as EHR, ERP, world-wide IT Infrastructure and global Business Intelligence solutions. Michael’s efforts supporting the MHS led to a reduction in complexity and cost across the board as he identified key cost drivers and initiated a plan to eliminate redundancy especially in the messaging infrastructure. He also led system engineering in the MHS Program Executive Office (PEO) to include policy and process improvement. Having served as the Strategic Business Advisor to the Office of the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Chief Acquisition Executive (CAE), Michael led the development of policy and procedures to stabilize the DHA multi-billion dollar per year acquisition portfolio looking for synergy wherever possible. He also led an effort to successfully improve interoperability, integration and information exchange between Medical Devices and DHA Health IT Portfolio Programs. In another role, Michael worked to transform T&E to a risk driven processes to support initiatives in acquisition reform for the CAE of BTA. Michael successfully led the Implementation of the process on the Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) Program - a large multi-Agency ERP for the Business Transformation Agency/Defense Logistics Agency.

As a trusted visionary, proven leader, mentor and a change agent with a sterling reputation for integrity Michael brings innovative and creative energy to every challenge. A world-class problem solver and strategist with a track record for repeatedly and successfully supporting executives at all levels, Michael has successfully led startups as well as assuming responsibility for marginal performing business units and transforming them into highly successful organizations. An innate passion for people has added to Michael’s brand as a superior mentor and leader.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems) and a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems) from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.