Information Technology Solutions

EMKS combines the right people with professional service and a full range of technical expertise to support all phases of the management lifecycle from strategic to tactical.

Full Systems Development Lifecycle Support

EMKS leverages IT processes with business goals and objectives, resulting in the alignment of your organization’s business strategy with the systems you employ. We successfully meet the needs of a vast array of stakeholders, including government agencies, contractors, and third-party administrators.

EMKS ’s core Business Process Management (BPM) practice is driven by industry-leading Agile and DevOps methodologies which focus intently on maximizing the life cycle benefits of products and services. Our ability to deliver high-quality products and services is driven by our Project Management Office (PMO) and our Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE). This highly mature foundation of processes, procedures, support, training, and coaching allows EMKS to:

  • Ensure our #1 focus is always centered upon the explicit needs of our customers

  • Design, develop, test, integrate, deploy, and monitor innovative IT and business solutions that solve existing problems and emerging needs

  • Expertly plan and execute the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with a full-time staff of SAFe v5 Program Consultants (SPCs)

  • Infuse BPM practices with industry-standard Agile methodologies to ensure adaptive solutions maximize their life cycle potential to increase value and maintainability 

  • Dynamically infuse DevOps practices to synchronize rapid product development with operational needs

  • Improve customer and stakeholder engagement which greatly enhances product functionality and usability

  • Dramatically improve our customer’s speed-to-market with product deployment and on-demand release capabilities

  • Reduce risks and costs while improving responsiveness, functionality, and quality with a continuous improvement model, mindset, and culture​

Agile-driven Business Process Management and Software Development

Enterprise Testing Services

EMKS’s Enterprise Testing Services enable our clients to get their enterprise application projects up and running rapidly and efficiently. We employ manual and automated test scripts, test data sets, tools and templates designed to work in your environment, providing support services in the areas of:

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

  • Risk and Criticality Testing and Evaluation Support

  • Requirements Validation Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • System Integration/Interoperability Testing

  • Test Observation and Validation

  • Work Product Review

  • Patient Safety Issue Testing

  • Operational Readiness Review/Reporting

  • Testing Systems Engineering & Implementation

  • Capacity Planning Analysis

Enterprise Infrastructure Support

An organization’s network infrastructure has a substantial effect on its overall business environment. EMKS delivers capabilities in Enterprise Infrastructure Support to support our clients’ business goals. We employ best practices that directly impact project performance to address the evolving technology and processes in your agency.

Database Management and Data Modeling

EMKS’s Database Management and Data Modeling capabilities help our clients meet critical mission requirements by providing a full-lifecycle solution including:

  • Change and Configuration Management

  • Patching

  • Provisioning

  • Testing

  • Performance Management